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Here at 141 Shooting Range, we get asked a lot of questions about what type of CPR training we offer so we decided to make this short video.

Three Basic Types of CPR Training:

We have three basic types of CPR training(check here our courses) that we provide.

  1. We do lay responder training,
  2. Basic life support training, and
  3. We also have business training that can encompass the other two, however, we can come to you and provide more customization.

1. Open Enrollment Training

If you are an individual needing CPR training you will need our Open Enrollment Training, we offer these 1 or 2 times a month, in this open enrollment training we have two types of CPR training offered Lay responder training and training for medical professionals.

Lay Responder Training

For lay responder training (anyone nonmedical) we do adult and pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED (Adult, child, and infant training). This training meets the criteria for most teachers, daycare, Workers, foster and adoptive parents, pilots, factory workers, and anyone else who is not in the medical field. If you just need adult first aid, cpr, and aed this training we offer will fulfill this requirement.

More Details Of Open Enrollment Training​

This training is done in the American Red Cross blended learning option that allows you to do the cognitive or academic portion at your convenience at home or work then come to the location on the class details to do the hands-on portion that takes less than 2 hours. We feel this is the best training for the majority of people looking for CPR training and will get you the same certification card as a full in-person class. However, it is your responsibility to make sure the certification card will meet your company’s criteria to get credit for the training.

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2. Basic Life Support

The second kind of CPR training we do for open enrollment is called BLS or basic life support. This is taught to medical professionals. So, if you’re a doctor, nurse, Dentist, Dental Assistant first responder, fireman, EMS worker, and anyone else in the medical field will probably need basic life support.

3. Business Training

The third option that we offer is our business training(check here our business training). This is where we can customize the training for any business.

We travel to you and do the training on-site(check our blog on the key to saving lives in the workplace). This is great for factories, daycares, medical offices, and many other places. We can customize your training with as few as six to eight people who need training at your facility. We can do American Heart Association, American Red Cross, ASHI, and HSI and we can do the full version or the blended version. Please contact us if you need business training so we can customize your needs.

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Conclusion ​

141 Shooting Range provides training that is tactically sound, field-proven, and taught by people with real experience in not just training but in the subject matter taught in the Jonesboro and Paragould Arkansas area!

Where to Learn CPR and First Aid?

We can offer onsite training at your facility with groups of 8 or more, call us as we offer dozens of types of compliant CPR training that can fit your needs, time, and budget! We offer classes in Jonesboro and Paragould and travel up to 3 hours drive of Jonesboro. Please go to for more info!

If you are in the local area in Arkansas of the following cities: Jonesboro, Paragould, Searcy, Trumann, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, Blytheville or anywhere close contact us to see when a class is being held. If you do not live close we travel to train groups and businesses in: Little Rock, Arkansas Memphis, Tennessee Poplar Bluff, Missouri And everywhere in-between.