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Do you need to renew your Arkansas carry license? Well, you can get that with even more added value. Are you aware of the Arkansas enhanced concealed carry law? You can get all the information about it when you do the enhanced class. Our renewal class offers more details than many others in the same field.

For more questions, please watch the video above and go through the registration by clicking “Buy Ticket,” and it will answer your questions, such as dates, pricing, equipment, etc., as you buy your ticket online.

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What is the difference in the basic concealed carry renewal and the Enhanced concealed carry upgrade option?

I am frequently asked at 141 Shooting Range to explain the differences between the Basic Concealed Carry Renewal and the Enhanced Upgrade Class, so I decided to write this post, and made the explainer videos above to help explain. I’d like to also go over your options for renewing your license here at 141 Shooting Range. We have several alternatives. You have completed your Basic Renewal Class.

So, what’s the difference between the Arkansas Basic and Enhanced concealed carry license options? The state of Arkansas passed an enhanced endorsement option a few years ago as part of a drive to legalize concealed carry on state campuses. It’s like having a standard driver’s license with a CDL endorsement. The endorsement gives you more alternatives (because of extra training) and, in the case of a concealed carry license, permits you to carry in most places where a standard concealed carry class cannot. I’m frequently asked what the difference is or if the additional endorsement is worthwhile. Here’s a quick overview to help you decide which path to choose.

The renewal class lasts about an hour and covers changes in the law during the last five years. We also complete some basic live-fire requirements for getting your certificate of training to renew your license. If you just need to get it done, this is a wonderful alternative. We do, however, recommend the Enhanced Upgrade. This will take the place of your Renewal Training.

If you’re renewing, this is a terrific method to improve your knowledge, training, and skills while also killing two birds with one stone. You can do the Enhanced Training instead of the Renewal Training and upgrade and renew at the same time.

So, if you’re intending to do this, simply register for Enhanced Training on our website. You do not need to sign up for the renewal as well. Just let us know when you arrive for the Enhanced that you’re also here for the Renewal Training. We’ll deal with it. The Enhanced Training is essential for several reasons.

If you ever shoot someone, one of the first questions they’ll ask you in court is, “Which training have you had?” The majority of people who read this blog do not have a long history of documented weapons training. You may have only taken one class; 97% of all civilians who take a concealed carry class will only take one handgun class as a civilian; therefore, if this is all you intend to do, we strongly advise you to do the Enhanced Training.

First and foremost, there are no additional fees from the state. The state fees are the same whether you undertake the renewal training here or the advanced training. As a result, there is no pricing objection. The second point is that you simply need to stay a little longer to complete the improved training. We show you how to deal with the time clocks after the bang; most people don’t have an after-action strategy; but we do!

We teach you the principles of basic handgun movement, how to move, draw, vocally, and nonverbally challenge them as you draw and engage that individual. We teach you how to scan. We also train you in a variety of additional skills that will help you win the actual combat. Because standing stationary and shooting at a target does not prepare you for a dynamic self-defense handgun situation. That is another explanation.

And if you shoot someone and they ask you what training you’ve had, as previously said, and you respond “Basic Conceal Carry,” what level is basic? They’ll portray it as bare-bones training. And when you present your case to a jury, half of them will be anti-gun.

The other half may have never received training. The words you use will paint an image of your ability. So, when you say I did the basic concealed carry, what level do you consider basic? However, you don’t have to be a lawyer to realize that if you say, “I did the basic concealed carry and went above and beyond as a responsible gun owner and took the Enhanced Training a year ago,” that will sound a lot better in court than “I did the basic concealed carry.”

There are numerous other reasons why we discuss Enhanced Training and choose it over Basic Renewal. But, whatever path you take, I will undoubtedly back you and give you my all in that training. Consider Enhanced Carry and Basic Renewal Training as you consider your options, and choose what is best for you and your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the range.

This is not like buying milk or bread at the supermarket. It may appear that selecting the class is a little complex, but nothing is confusing about wanting to protect yourself and your family, and nothing is confusing about choosing 141 Shooting Range to perform your training.

We offer the Basic and Enhanced classes to combine the two classes into one exciting one-day class at a lower price than both classes separately.

Hopefully, this has clarified the distinction between basic and improved concealed carry. If you have any questions, please contact us using this link.

If you live in the Arkansas cities of Jonesboro, Paragould, Searcy, Trumann, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, Blytheville, or anywhere nearby, please contact us to find out when a session is being conducted. We travel to train groups and businesses in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee if you do not live nearby, Missouri’s Poplar Bluff, and all points in between.

Concealed Carry Permit

Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit

The law for concealed carry in Arkansas is not clear no matter what your stance there is no law written by the legislature and signed by the governor that says open carry, concealed carry, no permit is needed, etc. You can Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit in Paragould, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Batesville, Walnut Ridge, and Blytheville, Arkansas with us here at 141 Shooting Range. Whether you need a basic or an enhanced concealed carry permit renewal, we’ve got you covered.

Renewing your concealed weapons permit in Paragould, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Batesville, Walnut Ridge, and Blytheville, Arkansas, with us is an easy and stress-free process. 141 Shooting Range is known for providing top-quality concealed carry services. You can trust us to deliver a legit concealed carry permit to you. Do you see over 1400+ 5-star google reviews we have?

Who can benefit from the Basic and Enhanced class combination

Everyone looking to get concealed carry can benefit from this class.
To be more specific, here’s a list of those that can benefit from this class.

  • Beginners: The first timers, those trying to get concealed carry for the first time
  • Concealed carry users who are looking to enhance their skills; those who already have the basic training for owning a concealed carry but want an enhanced carry permit.

Our Basic And Enhanced Class combination CCW or CHCL class is perfect for those with the basic and enhanced concealed carry permit at the same time.

How can you Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit in Arkansas?

  • The first step is to ensure that you are going through the right source and we are the right source. The best place to Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit is with us.
  • The second step is even easier, all you need to do is click the buy ticket button, and we start the process immediately.

If you do not have a permit yet, you need to go through concealed carry training, and you can do that with us. We have a variety of Concealed Carry classes just for you, click on the concealed carry class link to see which one is best for you.

Why do you need a concealed carry weapon permit?

As the laws are not crystal clear. I will say this a concealed carry permit does not keep you safe! Knowledge, training, and skills keep you safe! We train you to protect yourself and your family not just get a card. To be on the safe side, get your concealed carry permit today. If yours just expired or has been less than 6 months expired then Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit with us now. We guarantee you a stress-free, safe and easy process.

Do you need to Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit in Arkansas?

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