If There’s an Active Shooter,
Don’t Leave Your Safety Up to Chance. Be Prepared!

There have been many reported mass shooting cases, and it seems to be on the rise each day. In a situation such as this, the best thing to do is be alert and prepared at all times. How prepared are you?

Better Equipped To Help Any Organization

141 Shooting Range is better equipped to help any organization, whether schools, churches, hospitals, daycares, factories, offices, medical facilities, and other establishments in Jonesboro, Paragould, and other surroundings, stay prepared in the event of an active shooter. We have been teaching active shooter response training for many years even before it was in our everyday news.

We travel to you to deliver our top-notch quality training services. When it’s a workplace, office, daycare, school, or community center, our active shooter training is the most comprehensive, effective program available in all of Northeast Arkansas.

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What is Active Shooter Training?

An active shooter can come at any time and place, and their major intent is to shoot whomever they can, and this makes them dangerous.

Our active shooter training program provides you with all you need to be equipped in cases of active shooting. We teach you the seven-time clocks of an active shooter event and the responses for each one.

You can complete your active shooter certification at your preferred location.

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Our Active Shooter Training Teaches:

  • Life-saving Medical Care for Those Wounded by a Shooter

  • How to Disarm a Shooter in the Open or by a Point of Entry

  • We Teach You the 7 Time Clocks of an Active Shooter Event and the Response Strategies for Each

  • Safe Ways to Escape Through Windows and How to Bar Doors

  • The Best Ways to Work With Local Law Enforcement

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• Getting Started

• Introduction & Goals — importance of remaining alert, being decisive, having a pre-planned practiced response

• Identify, Log, Report — how to maintain a vigilant awareness of student behavior

• Safety Plan — how develop a school and classroom plan for dealing with an active shooter; how to conduct school safety walks

• Prepare — how to develop your tactical leadership skills; the basics of tactical emergency first aid

• Escape — your first and best option; how to identify the best escape routes; managing movement

• Barricade — your second option; how to prevent the shooter from entering your location

• Defend — your third option; how to use weapons of opportunity, disarm the shooter or directly engage a shooter

• Stages — what to do at each of the seven stages on an active shooter incident; how to work with local law enforcement

• Conclusion — bringing it all together


• Profiles and common traits of the active shooter

• Conducting a threat assessment

• How to develop a school/classroom safety plan

• Understanding the role of the leader in a crisis

• How to use hand and sound signals

• Identifying possible escape routes

• How to barricade a location

• Selecting and using weapons of opportunity

• How to move groups of students to a secure location

• Basics of tactical emergency first aid

• How to work with local law enforcement

What Kind of Training do you offer and what do we need?

We offer 3 basic categories of learning. We offer education (just a sharing of information, fire talks not fire drills used for awareness of issue), we offer training workshops (used to sharpen a set of subskills used in our trainings), and we offer certification (meaning you have went through the trainings objectives and have done all required material to be vetted by a higher authority).

Certification: We recommend doing certification to key members of staff who are most prone to be put in a position to protect others, front line security type personnel, teachers, front office, and security, etc. Also, people who have been at your facility for a period of time to justify putting money into them (we understand due to employee turnover some positions the training doesn’t really make financial sense). Certification is good for 2 years.

Workshops: These are continuous training classes we use mostly for working on a set of subskills to be better proficient at a certain area such as gun disarms, moving of injured students, immediate aid of injured persons. These are normally done quarterly or yearly as a way to improve staff’s performance.

Education: Sometimes we are asked to talk about active shooter for groups, these talks are designed to bring awareness of the situation and is sometimes used as an introductory to get buy in from company executives, and its employees or members. Probably the cheapest option, and usually works for check the box training (which we frown upon as lives are depending on us) and can be used for new hires, temporary workers, etc. who may not fit the bill for certification.

Start Your Active Shooter Training With Northeast Arkansas’ Finest Active Shooter Certified Instructors

Anyone can be a part of our active shooter training program. 141 Shooting Range has all it takes to prepare anyone against any active shooter event. Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate majors; get your organization prepared for any unlikely event that may take place in the future.

If your location is within Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, or anywhere in the US, give us a call today!

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About Dave Young And Logan Lee

Logan Lee is a certified facilitator for this program and teaches through his company 141 Shooting Range Inc www.141shootingrange.com. Logan is an ARMA Training firearms instructor, Vistelar conflict management instructor, CPR/First-Aid instructor, shooting range owner, and martial art instructor who has also owned 4 martial art schools in Northeast Arkansas and has been keeping people safe for over 23 years and travels around the country monthly training others.

This program was developed by Dave Young. Dave Young, a Vistelar Director of Training and founder of ARMA Training, is the principle subject matter expert for this program. You can learn more about the origins of Vistelar’s tactical training programs:

https://www.vistelar.com & https://armatraining.com & http://www.usfightingsystems.com

Inspired after a bullet entered his son’s classroom, Dave developed this program for civilians, based on his 30 + years as a professional trainer in the Marine Corps and for law enforcement, as well as the decades of combined experience of Vistelar’s other subject matter experts in conflict management.

Dave developed one of the first active shooter training programs for the Marine Corps in 1990. The content of this program is based on real-world experience, not academic theory (e.g., flawed strategies like “lock-down” are not discussed). And you’ll never see this training made easily accessible to potential attackers on sites like YouTube. This training was developed due to the gaps Dave Young saw in other programs available to the public.

Need A Private One On One Class On Concealed Carry, CPR, BLS, Active Shooter, Self-Defense And Conflict Management?

We are aware that not everyone can meet up with our scheduled classes. It could be due to limited time or clashing hours, or maybe you prefer learning privately. However, we have a way out for you; we offer customized training for people wanting private lessons.
We can train you privately, anytime, any day; however, these options have to work around our group lessons and my other corporate training schedule. So get in touch with us, and we will work out a plan together. The best part is we can come wherever you are, or you can come to us, whichever option is preferable for you.

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