Active Shooter Training

If There's An Active Shooter,
Don't Leave Your Safety Up To Chance -- Be Prepared!

In an increasingly dangerous world, with incidents of mass shootings on the rise, it’s important to prepare your workplace for the worst.
Our team of professional instructors at 141 Shooting Range has a long history of helping hospitals, schools, and other places of business around Jonesboro, Paragould, and Walnut Ridge be ready in the event of an active shooter.
 We travel to you to deliver our top-notch quality training services. When it’s a workplace or a community center, our active shooter training is the most comprehensive, effective program available in all of Northeast Arkansas.
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What Is Active Shooter Training?

This program provides you with effective tools to prepare for and respond to an active shooting. You can complete your active shooter certification at the location of your convenience: just contact us today, and we will come to your facility to provide you the training and resources needed to be prepared for a situation like this.

What we do!

Our active shooter training teaches:

We are Certified

ARMA Training, Vistelar Instructor, Lee’s Kenpo Karate and US Fighting System

Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Training

Start Your Active Shooter Training With Northeast Arkansas' Finest Active Shooter Certified Instructors

141 Shooting Range has over a decade of experience with preparing ordinary men and women for the chaos and danger of an active shooting. With our convenient location between Jonesboro, Paragould, and Walnut Ridge, plus a suite of online courses to choose form, there’s no excuse for not preparing your workplace for an emergency. 

Simply fill out the short form below to get started on active shooter training for your business.

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1200 Google &
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