Basic And Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Class

Whether you need just the basics or an enhanced concealed carry permit class, we have all the options available for you. With this class, you will not just be trained, but you will also meet the class requirement to get your CCW permit. Our complete package is designed to save you both money and time. Added to the package, you will also be able to access our free online class called Learn the Secrets of Concealed Carry, $197 value for FREE. The class is designed to bring out a better version of you in the act of self-defense and to help you get a foundation before coming to your class here at the range. Class is taught by Arkansas State Police instructor Logan Lee lic#06-475. You will learn everything that’s in the Basic class plus some more and get to do the enhanced qualification to get the enhanced endorsement.

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Basic and enhanced combination concealed carry class offered here in Jonesboro and Paragould area!

141 Shooting Range teaches the top rated class in the region with over 1400 5-star google reviews and hundreds of facebook reviews. I am passionate to teach you what I wish I would have learned in my concealed carry class over 20 years ago. When peoples lives depend on your performance make sure you have the knowledge, training, and skills to give them the best chance of survivability. If you live in the Jonesboro or Paragould areas or as far as Little Rock, Blytheville, Batesville or anywhere in between training here is worth the small drive to learn whats best fo your family.

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You have to start by registering for a class, after you register we will guide you the rest of the way! If you have questions, please watch the video above and go through the registration by clicking “Buy Ticket,” and it will answer your questions, such as dates, pricing, equipment, etc., as you buy your

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Need a new concealed Carry license and Do not know what kind to get?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Logan Lee, the director of training at 141 Shooting Range, and I wanted to make this page to help explain the differences between the basic concealed carry class and the basic and enhanced combination class. First step you have to do is pick a class and register for the class, we will guide you from there! As a new permit seeker, you have two options to start with. Let’s start with the basic carry license this is a five-hour class that’s mandated by the state, with a short shooting portion at the end. In the basic concealed weapons class, we go over safety, the legal use of force, firearm basics, defensive shooting, and talk about justification. We talk about prohibited places and a lot of other things that are mandated by the state with our special little twist on training. Now that’s an easy class to do.

I will encourage you to do the basic and enhanced combination class. Stay a little longer and go ahead and get the enhanced upgrade. We highly suggest this for a two main reasons. Number one, it shows you have more documentable training. One of your best defenses in court is the court defensible training you did before you pulled the trigger.

The enhanced upgrade is the highest civilian license you can get in Arkansas. You can carry in more places just like having higher security clearance, but the other thing it does is it shows that you went above and beyond as a responsible firearms owner. If you ever shoot someone and you’re in court, one of the first questions they’re going to ask you is what training have you done? If you said, Well, I did my basic conceal carry…..what level is basic? The other lawyer will paint that you did the bare minimum requirements.

Now you can say, I did the basic conceal carry and I went above and beyond as a responsible firearm owner, and I did the enhanced training as well. Now, when you have a jury over there and half of them are anti-gun, the other half maybe never done any real training. It’s important that when you say this to them that they hear the word enhanced, because with basic, they’re going to paint it as the bare minimum. Enhanced sure sounds a lot better in court. So if you have any questions about which training to do, I highly recommend doing the basic and enhanced combination class.

No matter which you decide, we will support you and teach you an awesome class. If you’re thinking, hey, I don’t know about that enhanced. I’m not sure how good I am. Then we recommend doing the “Learn how to shoot better than your friends” class. That’s a class we do where we teach you the seven fundamentals of marksmanship, how to stand, how to grip a gun, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and a lot of other things.

If you are one of the millions of new gun owners in this country, we can train you taking your first shots or if you’re someone who grew up around guns your whole life, we can take you to that next level with our easy-to-follow classes. I encourage you to do basic and enhanced but if you just want to do basic, that’s fine. Make sure you check out the links below and pick what’s right for you and your family. We will guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please call us here at the range before you register and we’ll help guide you and educate you on the process.

This isn’t like buying milk or bread at the grocery store. It may seem a little confusing picking the class, but there is nothing confusing about wanting to protect you and your family and nothing confusing about picking 141 Shooting Range to do your training.

Basic And Enhanced Combination

“Most Popular” Basic And Enhanced Class combination

141 Shooting Range offers the highest rated best Basic and Enhanced class combination class around. The combination classes offer a wide range of Concealed Carry Training both for individuals and organizations.
The Basic And Enhanced Class combination of Paragould, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Batesville, Walnut Ridge, and Blytheville, Arkansas, is our most popular class. This is due to the two-in-one package.

Who can benefit from the Basic and Enhanced class combination

Everyone looking to get concealed carry can benefit from this class.
To be more specific, here’s a list of those that can benefit from this class.

  • Beginners: The first timers, those trying to get concealed carry for the first time
  • Concealed carry users who are looking to enhance their skills; those who already have the basic training for owning a concealed carry but want an enhanced carry permit.

Our Basic And Enhanced Class combination CCW or CHCL class is perfect for those with the basic and enhanced concealed carry permit at the same time.

Benefits of Basic And Enhanced Class combination Paragould, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Batesville, Walnut Ridge, and Blytheville Arkansas

Our Basic And Enhanced Class combination in Paragould, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Batesville, Walnut Ridge, and Blytheville, Arkansas, has multiple benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • You will learn basic and enhanced concealed carry skills at the same time.
  • You will become eligible for the enhanced concealed carry permit (no extra state fees)
  • It saves time and money.

Our Basic And Enhanced Class combination CCW or CHCL program will be handled by experts, meaning you will definitely learn all that you need to know and will be safe.

What is stopping you from applying for this class?

The Basic And Enhanced Class combination of Paragould, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, and Blytheville Arkansas, is a complete package, an all-in-one opportunity. So what is stopping you from going for it?
You can take advantage of our personal lesson program if you have a tight schedule. All that is needed is to make an arrangement for the perfect time for you. As long as it tallies with ours, you are good to go. We can come to you, or you come to us for the classes, whichever option is preferable to you.

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