CPR And BLS Training For Businesses

Do you have a company or group that needs staff to get certified in CPR, BLS, or First Aid?

Save time and money by having everyone certified at the same time and having us handle all of the paperwork. Our corporate/business training is a simple and cost-effective solution to train a large group at a reasonable cost.

Being prepared for a medical emergency is usually a good idea. Knowing how to perform CPR and BLS can be crucial when it comes to saving a life.

You or your employees may already have a basic understanding of BLS, CPR, and First Aid. But, in a world where catastrophic situations are unavoidable, you need more than just the fundamentals. It makes a significant difference to learn BLS, CPR, and First Aid the 141 way. You will not only learn the fundamentals, but also you will know how to help others or yourself in an emergency. Whether you need personal training or training for your employees, we have you covered.

Uncontrollable amount of Cardiac Arrest & unfavorable outcomes

Cardiac arrest occurs in the workplace around 10,000 times every year. These situations frequently have unfavorable outcomes, but this does not have to be the case. The loss of an employee can be disastrous for a company. The emotional impact on coworkers has an impact not just on their personal well-being, but also on their working performance.

We provide thorough CPR and first aid training, Emergency Medical Response, Stop the Bleed, First Responder, and many more courses to residents of Jonesboro, Paragould, Walnut Ridge, and the surrounding areas. Our training ensures that your team will respond quickly in the case of an emergency; there will undoubtedly be a big difference in their personalities between when they begin the training and after.

training delivered at your office

Our CPR and BLS training can be delivered at your office or workplace. There’s no reason to send your staff to a CPR class when the class can come to you! We are First-Aid trainers who are American Red Cross and American Heart Association certified, and there is no minimum class size!

This is where we can customize the training for each company. We come to you and train you right away. This is great for use in industries, daycares, medical offices, and a number of other places. We can customize your training for as little as six to eight people that need training at your site. The American Heart Association, American Red Cross, ASHI, and HSI can be done completely or in a hybrid format. If you need business training, please contact us so that we can customize it to your unique requirements. Please use the form on our contact us page to start the conversation about your training.

We are the highest ranked BLS and CPR Training Institute

With 1400+ 5-star Google ratings and over 200+ 5-star reviews

We are the highest ranked BLS and CPR Training Institute for hundreds of miles around, with over 1400+ 5-star Google ratings and over 200+ 5-star reviews on Facebook. We provide the best CPR and BLS training for people and businesses alike, ensuring that you have the knowledge, training, and skills to keep your loved ones safe. Your first stop in Arkansas health-related safety classes should be at 141 Shooting Range.

Choose 141 shooting range for CPR and BLS training classes in Jonesboro, Paragould, and Arkansas. We have trained over 157 CPR and BLS classes in the previous 12 months alone, which is more than what most instructors would teach in a lifetime!

Worth of a person’s life

There are no precise words to explain the worth of a person’s life, yet it doesn’t take much to potentially alter the outcome of a life-or-death moment in time. CPR administered within the first two minutes of a cardiac arrest can help preserve a life.

an essential skill

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an essential skill that can help save lives at work, at home, and in public places. Basic life support (BLS) is another term that is sometimes used interchangeably with CPR, despite the fact that they are slightly different. Both CPR and BLS training often include keeping the victim’s airway open and boosting blood circulation without the need for mechanical intervention, among other critical rescue techniques. The primary difference between BLS and CPR is that BLS comprises lifesaving measures required in a medical or hospital setting.

In-Depth Standard training

CPR is taught in BLS certification classes, however, because the curriculum is meant for healthcare workers, it is more in-depth than standard CPR training. A typical BLS course will teach single-rescuer and team Basic Life Support techniques, as well as how to assess an emergency scenario, measures to take, and legal issues when providing life-saving care. You can also study additional first-aid skills such as wound and burn care, as well as how to deal with fractures and poisoning.

Not everyone has to be BLS trained since, in most cases, CPR training is sufficient to deliver lifesaving care in offices, schools, or other safe locations.

Benefits Of Investing In CPR Or BLS Training For You And Your Staff

As a business owner or team leader, investing in your staff is the best way to secure the company’s safety and growth. Here are the benefits of investing in your team:

What We Have To Offer!

As a business owner or team leader, investing in your staff is the best way to secure the company’s safety and growth. Here are the benefits of investing in your team:

Basic Life Support

For dentists, doctors, EMTs, nurses, firefighters, and healthcare providers, the American Heart Association (AHA) BLS training is mandatory. This course is required for LVNs and nursing students.

CPR / AED & First Aid

For construction companies and anyone looking for thorough training, we offer the American Red Cross First-Aid & CPR/AED course to meet OSHA requirements.


Every year, CPR and BLS save more lives because people and businesses know the incredible benefit they give, and they are becoming increasingly common in the workplace.

We provide three types of CPR Training:

Lay Responder Training

A Lay Responder is someone who notices an issue and decides to act despite the fact that they lack specific or advanced medical training/skill. This is what 141 Shooting Range provides. Our Lay Responder course covers training and certification in First Aid, CPR, and AED use (AED). Our lecturers are skilled and experienced facilitators in this area.

To help students preserve important life-saving skills for a longer period of time, we apply the most recent CPR Guidelines and First Aid training methodologies.

Our expert teachers provide hands-on lectures in conjunction with videos and practical lectures, which have been demonstrated to improve retention and memory over time

Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

This course, also known as CPR for professional rescuers, is required for all emergency medical staff. AEDs, ventilation equipment, rescue breathing obstacles, and two-person CPR procedures are all covered in this training. You must have this degree of training if you want to work in the medical industry.

Business Training

We also provide business training that incorporates the other two, but we can come to you for more customization. As a business owner or team leader, investing in your staff is the best way to secure the company’s safety and growth. One way to invest in your team is to enroll in our Business Training Program.

Training your work team in emergency response can not only boost their confidence and improve their job performance, but it will also teach them the importance of teamwork.

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Each of our training programs is comprehensive yet simplified, so you can enroll and fully grasp it whether you’ve received basic CPR instruction before or not. As a student in this class, you will learn the duties and responsibilities of first aid rescuers, as well as first aid actions for medical emergencies such as severe choking, heart attack, and stroke, as well as skills for dealing with injury and environmental emergencies such as external bleeding, broken bones and sprains, and bites and stings.

Contact us with your team details, location, and how you want the training to go. We’ll give you a quote within 24hrs and customize the training specially for you.

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