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Logan Lee is married and has two kids. Logan lives in Northeast Arkansas where he has been a self-defense instructor for over 23 years. Logan is a Firefighter as well as an EMT. He recently sold his full-time martial arts schools (Lee’s Karate Inc) in the summer of 2019 to focus on running his other company 141 Shooting Range Inc.

  • Arkansas concealed carry instructor
  • Arma training firearm instructor
  • 6th-degree black belt master in kenpo karate
  • Lieutenant on Marmaduke fire and rescue department

  • Emt

  • Vistelar conflict management instructor

  • Active shooter

  • Instructor

  • Cpr/first aid/ aed instructor under the aha, arc, ashi, medic first aid, and many more

  • Advanced bleeding control instructor

  • Nra chief range officer, nra pistol instructor, nra range safety officer, and nra certified rifle instructor

  • Arkansas state police pistol instructor

  • Training center for arc, ashi, and medic first aid

  • Aha faculty cpr instructor trainer

  • U.S.C.C.A. Certified

  • Stop the bleed instructor

  • American red cross cpr instructor trainer

He has been a firearms instructor for over 14 years and is a certified ARMA firearm instructor and teaches locally at his private shooting range. He is also a certified Active Shooter Instructor and Conflict Management Instructor for Vistelar and gets to travel around the country training civilians, businesses, and law enforcement.

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In between these training classes he travels and teaches first-aid/CPR/AED/and Stop the Bleed training. He has been blessed to work with some great professionals in his career and has chosen to align with Vistelar because he now gets to help people develop a preplanned practiced response while addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict from words, to weapons, to an active shooter, to immediate and first aid after the incident as well.

He can give certifications in Kenpo Karate, Concealed Handgun, Cpr/aed/First Aid, advanced bleeding control, emergency oxygen, bloodborne pathogens, and many more.

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Mr. Lee is a super knowledgeable instructor. He keeps the class engaged in each lesson taught. He doesn’t just sit and read the information but has actual factual information to speak about. The biggest takeaway I got from the class is that I definitely need to practice more.

5 / 5
Ronald N.

Logan is the best hands down! He doesn’t sugarcoat anything he tells it like it is. Definitely taking more classes / training with him.

5 / 5
Vanity W.

Very good. I have taken a CPR class before and this was by far the best class I have ever taken. Very detailed and excellently explained. The hands on training really was instructed well Logan did a fantastic job today. So glad this is the CPR class I was able to take. My take away was to speak and communicate to others what u need and are doing and have them repeat back what u are having them do……..A.K.A good communication.

5 / 5
Alex P.

I highly recommend 141 Shooting Range for concealed carry classes! Logan Lee is very thorough and has a talent for making you think you think realistically. He has specific procedures which makes the shooting part feel safe. You will get a LOT of useful information. I would like to also take one of his First Aid classes in the future.

5 / 5
Rose C.

The CPR training class was very informative. Logan did an exceptional job conveying the importance of CPR in every day life. We never know when we will need to use our training. One of the many points he expanded on was constantly being aware of your surroundings while helping others. The situation could be safe at the beginning, but that can change. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of the person in the emergency. I highly recommend everyone to take this class!

5 / 5
Courtney M.

Logan is very intelligent and well trained. A no nonsense instructor who will not beat bushes. I personally like that kind of guy especially when it comes to something as important as protecting your loved ones. I will be taking some of his courses soon. Great experience.

5 / 5
Larry K.

Logan and 141 Shooting Range Inc. held a great church security class in Paragould. I highly recommend this training if you are involved with protecting your church. There was lots of great info given that we don’t think about often.

5 / 5
Michael F.

I have taken both my basic and enhanced conceal carry class, from Logan Lee, and both have been excellent. The classes are expertly taught. Logan is a career self defence, and martial arts instructor, and that expertise permeates through the entire time. From awareness practices, to conflict deescalation. The classes are taught from a realistic perspective, to help prepare you for before, during, and after a life threatening situation. I plan to take his other classes as they are made available.

5 / 5
Shane C.

I took the class in December 2018..got my enhanced license 3 weeks later from the State Police in L.R. I’ve known Mr. Lee for years and find him to be an excellent teacher! He makes sure you understand everything you need to know to properly handle a firearm and the laws evolved with a concealed carry permit. If there’s something you’re having trouble with, or don’t understand, he’ll work with you until you get it right. I highly recommend his classes to anyone wanting to get a concealed carry permit.

5 / 5
Bobby B.

Logan went over the before, the after, the overall knowledge and the self-awareness of what you are doing when you are taking his class. I came out of fully understanding the responsibility that I have whenever I carry. Great class. Really wanted me to learn more and become more comfortable.

5 / 5
Stuart C.

I am a pharmacist and simply attended Logan’s CPR class for work, however, I will be trying to track him down for future certifications! He was great and so informative with his own personal experiences with CPR. He made everything real, and gave a sometimes mundane class a sense of urgency. I now know how to properly use a bvm and am confident to truly help in an emergency. I will be getting together an emergency response kit for my vehicle just as he does. You never know when you may be the one required to save someone! Thanks Logan!

5 / 5
Markham F.

Exceed my expectations by simply being the first CPR class that watched and allowed me to make mistakes, without interrupting, and afterwards fixed them one by one. Instructor was fun and informative applying different perspectives with situations. Highly recommend! My biggest take away is the details in hand positioning, something I never considered previously.

5 / 5
Skylynn R.

Attended concealed carry class at 141 Shooting Range. I noticed that during that visit, every aspect was geared toward gun safety. Very well trained instructor (Logan) definitely knows his area of expertise. Very thorough while having the ability to teach at all student levels

5 / 5
Clint M.

Very eye opening class. Did the Active shooting class with my church’s security team. Now I feel like we have the ability to make a plan as a team, and will continue to practice to keep are families safe. Amazing class and would highly recommend for other churches. Logan Lee was our instructor.

5 / 5
Austin W.
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