Stop the Bleed Training

After a Violent encounter you may have to stop the bleeding of your loved one whether its a gunshot, knife attack, or vehicle accident learn the knowledge, skills, and equipment to save a life..

Bleeding Control
Onsite Group Training

Did you know that if you are 45 years or younger your greatest chance of death is trauma from a car accident. Along with this and gunshot wounds, knife wounds, and incidents ranging from natural disasters to man made disasters dying from loss of blood is the largest preventable cause of death. Our Stop the Bleed training will teach about life saving equipment: CAT touriquets, pressure bandages, chest seals, hemostatic dressings, tampons, superglue, and many other items AND how to use them in a situtation where death from loss of blood is only seconds to minutes away. Our instructors are trained and experienced in dealing with trauma and offer true life experience in the use of this equipment. If you own a firearm and do not own a Stop the Bleed kit and do not know how to use the equipment you are only working on half the survivability equation. Our Stop the Bleed training is great for all concealed carry permit holders, factors, schools, daycares, first responders, and anyone else wanting to make sure they have preplanned practiced responses in bleeding emergencies.

Need A Private One On One Class On Concealed Carry, CPR, BLS, Active Shooter, Self-Defense And Conflict Management?

We are aware that not everyone can meet up with our scheduled classes. It could be due to limited time or clashing hours, or maybe you prefer learning privately. However, we have a way out for you; we offer customized training for people wanting private lessons.
We can train you privately, anytime, any day; however, these options have to work around our group lessons and my other corporate training schedule. So get in touch with us, and we will work out a plan together. The best part is we can come wherever you are, or you can come to us, whichever option is preferable for you.

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