Learn Vistelar’s Non-escalation and De-escalation Conflict Management Tactics

Master the Skills of Verbal and Non-verbal De-escalation With Our Conflict Management Program

Become a pro at handling conflicts today!

With our conflicts management program, you handle any conflict before it escalates. You may be good at defending yourself physically, but the truth is, it is safer to avoid physical confrontation. We can help you master the skills of verbal and non-verbal de-escalation of conflicts.

Our courses at 141 Shooting Range on conflict management are designed to guarantee your safety. Our Conflict Management program takes a professional approach to all aspects of conflict and human emotion. We use the Vistelar conflict management training strategies, focusing on verbal and nonverbal non-escalation and de-escalation techniques unique to the Vistelar system.

We can help your organization achieve a lot in terms of conflict management in just a simple 4 hours of our training section.

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Why is Our Conflict Management Program the Perfect Fit for You?

At 141 Shooting Range, we use the Vistelar Conflict Management program to offer everyone here in Jonesboro and its surroundings access to proven de-escalation strategies for any situation.

Conflicts can arise at any time and place, and a minor conflict can easily escalate. Our training will teach you the best ways to react to such situations.

Our Conflict Management program includes skills for:

  • Non-escalation, De-escalation, and Crisis Intervention

  • Personal Protection, Escapes & Escorts, and Bystander Mobilization

  • Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, and Lone-worker Safety

  • Physical Alternatives, Defensive Tactics, and Weapons Use & Control

We’re Offering Comprehensive Conflict Management That You Can’t Get Elsewhere

At 141 Shooting Range, we are constantly learning and coming up with innovative strategies that are designed to make things easier and safer for you. We are putting an end to cookie-cutter conflict resolution strategies. We do not just teach you to defend yourself; we’re using the Vistelar system to help you understand the full range of human emotion and conflict situations and how you can turn conflicts around with psychology.

  • Tools to Address the Entire Spectrum of Human Conflict: This System Teaches Situational Awareness, Threat Assessment, Non-escalation, and So Much More.

  • Emotionally Safe Performance-driven Instruction: We Help You Perfect Your Skills With Scenario-based Skills Practice and Audio/video-recorded Assessments.

  • Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs: We’re Offering Live and Online Methods of Instruction That Focuses on the Skills That Matter Most to You.

  • Content Licensing Program: Vistelar Also Offers a “content Licensing Program,” Which Gives Our Clients the Right to Deliver Vistelar’s Curriculum via Whatever Methods Best Suit Their Organization.

We Are Certified

ARMA Training, Vistelar Instructor, Lee’s Kenpo Karate and US Fighting System

Don’t Miss Out on Joneboro’s Best Conflict Management Program

If you’re looking for well-rounded verbal and non-verbal tools to stay safe in any situation, look no further. Our Conflict Management program here at 141 Shooting Range is helping men and women near Jonesboro, Paragould, and Walnut Ridge de-escalate any dangerous situation and stay prepared for anything life throws your way.

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