CPR Certification, Active Shooter Response Training, and Firearms Training in Jonesboro

Providing Active Shooter Training, Concealed Carry, & First Aid Classes to Northeast Arkansas

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141 Shooting Range

What Sets 141 Shooting Range Apart?

As certified Vistelar, ARMA Training, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, ASHI, Medic First Aid, and NRA instructors (just to name a few), we teach everything from words, to weapons, to active shooter training, to immediate first aid. We address the entire spectrum of human conflict.

You may know Logan Lee, owner of 141 Shooting Range, as Mr. Lee -- the founder of four full-time karate schools in Northeast Arkansas, which have empowered their respective communities with real-world self-defense skills for the past 23 years. Mr. Lee is also a firearm instructor, and has taught thousands of people how to properly use and manage firearms over the course of the past 14 years.

At 141 Shooting Range, you'll get access to the same material that's taught to police, military, and correctional officers around the world. Our instructors will help you to defend yourself in any situation.

If you must use force in self-defense situation, you'll want instruction from an expert. Our courses provide court-defensible training and immediate first aid skills so that you can protect yourself physically in a confrontation, but also in the potential legal aftermath. We even travel around the country on a monthly basis, providing courses and resources for conflict management, active shooter training, and firearms safety! Sign up and come to the only NRA-certified range in our community, used exclusively for concealed carry and firearms courses. 

No matter whether you come to us from Jonesboro, Paragould, or Walnut Ridge, 141 Shooting Range has you covered.

CPR and First Aid near Jonesboro


Our Expert Team

With decades of experience in self-defense and verified firearms certification, our instructors will help you learn everything from proper firearm management, to active shooter response training, to CPR and first-aid skills. 


Our Core Values

Safety is our number one priority. Whether you're traveling around Northeast Arkansas or on vacation abroad, we believe that everyone should have the confidence that comes with self-defense training.


Our Mission

We want to help Jonesboro, Paragould, and Walnut Ridge become healthier and safer communities. We promote a measured, practical approach to self-defense.


Our Promise

When you visit 141 Shooting Range, or we come to you, you get quality. From CPR certifications to concealed carry permits, we will give you the best instruction available for a reasonable price. 

CPR and First Aid

CPR and First Aid near Jonesboro

Concealed Carry

CPR and First Aid near Jonesboro

Active Shooter

CPR and First Aid near Jonesboro

Basic Concealed Handgun Training, CPR Classes, Active Shooter Training, CCW Renewals, & More!

Meet our Instructors

The class and instructor were very professional and taught many valuable lessons. ....Read more

Virlan Lee

I took the class in December 2018..got my enhanced license 3 weeks later from the State Police in L.R. I've known Mr. Lee for years and find him to be an excellent teacher! He makes sure you understand everything you need to know to properly handle a firearm and the laws evolved with a concealed ....Read more

Bobby Burns

I have had two classes taught by Logan Lee at 141 Shooting Range. I received far more value than the price I paid. My first course was to acquire my Enhanced Concealed Carry and the second was a "short" course on learning the fundamentals of marksmanship. He not only taught us the required ....Read more

Bill Little

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