We supply AEDs and First Aid kits

At 141 Shooting Range, we do not just provide you with the best-concealed carry, CPR training, and permits, and we also provide quality products that you need to add to your skills.
We sell AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator), Stop the Bleed Kits, and First Aid Kits. We also sell new AEDs, cabinets, signage, and all you need to offer a first aid treatment. Recertified AEDs are also available for you, which is way cheaper than getting new ones and they come with new pads and batteries.

You can get any of the listed products from us at an affordable rate. Once you’re done with our CPR classes, you will need an AED and other useful CPR kits to help you stay prepared in cases of emergencies. Having the skill and not having the kits to support the skill is almost useless.
First aid kits are needed at churches, schools, daycares, factories, business organizations, etc. As anything can go wrong at any time in these places

What is an AED?

An automated external defibrillator is a tool used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. This tool is useful for emergency cases, and it can be used to stabilize the patient or victim a bit before the ambulance arrives. In addition, AEDs can be used to analyze the heart’s rhythm. Then, depending on the intensity of the cardiac arrest, it can be used to deliver an electrical shock or defibrillation to the heart and get an effective rhythm.

Stop The Bleed Kits

Everyone needs an AED and a great first aid kit, as emergencies can emerge at any time. Our first aid kit contains all the necessary tools needed to help during an emergency.

Who can use these tools?

Everyone can use the first aid kit. Just like the first aid skills, the kits needed are also simplified. AEDs are designed to do a great deal, but they are also quite easy to use.

Business organizations

There should be AEDs and First Aid kits at all times in a business organization to prevent little emergencies from extending to a fatal situation.


Children are known to act out on impulse without even knowing it is dangerous. Therefore, first aid kits are needed in all establishments involving children to handle emergencies easily before professional help shows up.


Accidents are bound to happen at factories as dangerous equipment is often used. First aid kits and AEDs are needed to be made available in different areas of a factory.


To be prepared for all kinds of emergencies, a church needs to have AEDs and First aid kits.


You need a first aid kit in your home, and if possible, you also need to have one in your car, to be able to have the upper hand whenever there’s an emergency.

Training with CPR

At 141 Shooting Range, our CPR classes train you to be able to use the first aid kit and AEDs for all kinds of emergencies that require first aid.

interested in getting AEDs and first aid kits?

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