Who teaches the best concealed carry class in the Jonesboro and Paragould arkansas area? Look at our 1450+ 5-star google reviews and see why we are the top rated class around!

“Learn The Secrets of Concealed Carry from NEA’s Self-Defense Expert”

If you need a new license please watch this video below first!

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What is the difference in Basic concealed carry and the Enhanced concealed carry permit?

We are the best concealed carry class around the Jonesboro and Paragould area! Jonesboro and Paragould residents now have Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit and Basic Concealed Carry Training options. Isn’t it wonderful news?

A Certified Enhanced Permit Instructor can issue an enhanced permit endorsement to an existing permit holder or a first-time application for an Arkansas concealed weapons permit. This is the course that we provide at 141 Shooting Range. Watch the videos above and then choose the class you need below for more details, click the buy tickets button on each class for dates, times, pricing, and other details! Register and we will see you on the range soon!

Basic and Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Class

Whether you need just the basics or an enhanced concealed carry permit class, we have all the options available for you. With this class, you will not just be trained, but you will also meet the class requirement to get your CCW permit. Our complete package is designed to save you both money and time. Added to the package, you will also be able to access our free online class called Learn the Secrets of Concealed Carry, $197 value for FREE.

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Concealed Carry Permit Class

Need a Basic Concealed Weapons Permit? This class is what you need. We will help you meet the requirements to get your Carry License in Arkansas and you get our special sauce on training! Our basic concealed carry permit class will help you learn how to: Develop a personal and home protection plan.

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To the Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

Need an upgrade? We are available to assist you with your Arkansas enhanced carry permit. Having a basic concealed carry permit has its limitations, as you will not be allowed to carry in certain places. With your enhanced weapon’s enhancement, you can carry in more places such as State buildings, colleges, universities etc.

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Your Concealed Weapons Permit

Do you need to renew your carry license? Well, you can get that with even more added value. Are you aware of the Arkansas enhanced concealed carry law? You can get all the information about it when you do the enhanced class.

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Concealed Carry Training

Basic and Enhanced Combination Class

The most popular class we offer, get the basic concealed carry class with the enhanced upgrade on the same day and without more state fees!

Basic Concealed Carry Class

Basic Concealed Carry Permit Class

Need a basic concealed carry permit? This class is what you need to get a concealed carry license in Arkansas.

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Concealed Carry Class

Enhanced Concealed Carry Class

Upgrade your License to enhanced with this class! You can upgrade anytime to enhanced or you can use this for renewal purposes also!

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Concealed Carry Permit

Renew Your Concealed Carry Permit

Renew your Arkansas Concealed Carry permit by registering for this class. You may also renew by selecting our Enhanced Carry Class.

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Need A Private One On One Class On Concealed Carry, CPR, BLS, Active Shooter, Self-Defense And Conflict Management?

We are aware that not everyone can meet up with our scheduled classes. It could be due to limited time or clashing hours, or maybe you prefer learning privately. However, we have a way out for you; we offer customized training for people wanting private lessons.
We can train you privately, anytime, any day; however, these options have to work around our group lessons and my other corporate training schedule. So get in touch with us, and we will work out a plan together. The best part is we can come wherever you are, or you can come to us, whichever option is preferable for you.

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