Need a private one on one class on Concealed Carry, CPR, BLS, Active shooter, Self-defense and Conflict management?

prefer to learn privately?

We are aware that not everyone can meet up with our scheduled classes. It could be due to limited time or clashing hours, or maybe you prefer learning privately. However, we have a way out for you; we offer customized training for people wanting private lessons.
We can train you privately, anytime, any day; however, these options have to work around our group lessons and my other corporate training schedule. So get in touch with us, and we will work out a plan together. The best part is we can come wherever you are, or you can come to us, whichever option is preferable for you.

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Private Lessons Available
Active Shooter Training

Get a private lesson for concealed carry!

Having concealed carry is no longer an option that can be compromised based on our level of insecurity. If you’ve been looking to get good training on concealed carry but have been swamped with work or other unavoidable factors, you can now schedule your own personal training. Whether you need basic or expert training, we’ve covered you. You are just a click away from getting an expert concealed carry expert tutor.

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CPR Private Training

CPR private training

Do you need to improve your CPR skills, or do you have no previous knowledge of CPR? Are you looking to get trained and prefer a private lesson? 141 Shooting Range can grant you your needs.
CPR is a necessary skill needed on a daily basis, as emergencies that require CPR can pop out at any time. You no longer need to worry about not meeting up with CPR classes; we can work with you on your own schedule, as long as it doesn’t clash with ours. You will get the same training we offer in our CPR class, but this time it’s just you and your tutor.

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Personal Conflict Management

Personal conflict management lesson

How well do you handle conflict when faced with one? We can help you have the upper hand during a conflict with our conflict management classes. We can arrange that for you if you’re barely around and prefer a private lesson. All you need to do is fill out the form below, and we can come to an agreement and schedule the perfect time for you.
There are different ways of handling conflicts, but the most important thing is your safety. Sign up for our private lesson for conflict management to be well guided on how to handle conflicts.

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Private Lessons On Self-Defense

Private lessons on self-defense

The need to be self-equipped for safety increases each day and the best way to guarantee your safety is by knowing how to defend yourself. 141 Shooting Range offers unique classes for self-defence. If you can’t meet up with our scheduled group classes, or you prefer personal training, you can opt for a private class.
Fill out the form below if you are interested in our self-defence private training program.

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Active Shooter Private Lessons

Active shooter private lessons

Clueless on how to handle an active shooter, and you need a private lesson on it? At 141 Shooting Range, we offer private lessons on the active shooter. Fill in the form below to let us know what your schedule looks like and how we can work around it.
Are you finding it difficult to meet up with any of our scheduled classes?
Our private lessons cover every aspect of Concealed Carry, CPR, BLS, Active shooter, Self-defense and Conflict management. So please fill out the form below, and let’s get started.

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Active Shooter Training for Daycare