getting ready for a bad day!

Logan Lee and 141 Shooting Range offers an Active Shooter certification(check our certification program) program, by adding certified individuals to your organization you will help you staff save life’s in the event of an active shooter incident.

It is important to note that this training goes beyond what we call “Fire Talks” meaning lecture to “Fire Drill” meaning realize practice in performing the skills needed to survive an active shooter event.  We like to say that “You can ONLY learn how to swim by getting in the water!”

Active Shooter Attacks are often preplanned, and practiced and takes the same if not more planning and practice for you to survive them.  You must be emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to survive these incidents.  How do you do this?

Being prepared emotionally!

Being prepared emotionally means you are comfortable within yourself on your plan, and you no longer struggle with “What you don’t want to do” but rather focus on “What you need to do.”  You are at peace with what you need to do and are ready to do it!

Being prepared mentally!

Being mentally prepared means you are preconditioned to take the proper action needed and have accepted the decisions of will make when the time comes. You are confident in your plan!

Being prepared physically!

Being physically prepared, means you are capable of performing when the time arrives to take the best action needed based on the totality of the circumstances known to you at that time! You can perform your plan!

So just think about this if you’re emotionally prepared, mentally conditioned and physically capable of performing you plan – then you are truly prepared.

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