Basic Vs Enhanced Concealed Carry License

So, what’s the difference in Basic and Enhanced concealed carry license option in Arkansas? A couple of years ago the State of Arkansas passed an enhanced endorsement option as part of a movement to allow concealed carry on state campuses. I compare it to having a regular driver’s license with a CDL endorsement. The endorsement allows you more options (dues to having more training) and in the case of a concealed carry license allows you to carry into the majority of the places you cannot carry with a regular concealed carry class. Often, I am asked what’s the difference or if the enhanced endorsement is worth it. Here is a quick breakdown to help you figure out what route to go.

First of all, there is no disadvantage to getting it that I have found or could come up with.

So What Are The Advantages?

If you do the enhanced at the same time as basic or when you renew there isn’t even an extra fee from the state and the enhanced endorsement never has to be renewed ($15 fee if you upgrade any other time due to reprint fees of the card).

You get more state documentable training. When anyone shoots someone in self-defense they will likely be sued. To keep this article short, you will be sued based on a number of issues depending on the totality of the circumstances but the majority are based on recklessness or negligence claims. When law enforcement officers shoot someone one of the first things that are done is an examination of their training records and range records (we show you in our class how to keep these). So, imagine you are in court and they ask you what training have you had. How would you answer that? If you tell them you had the basic CCW that will probably paint your level of training at the bare minimum requirements and doesn’t sound near as good as if you said I’ve had my basic concealed handgun permit training and went above my due diligence and did the enhanced training as well.

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We organized our classes in a way where the basic class teaches the cognitive part of our training (the classroom part) the enhanced training here is where we teach you the physical skills you need: movement with a firearm, getting off the x, drawing under distractions and stress, verbal and nonverbal challenge before drawing, and a lot more.

Most civilians don’t train…so having this endorsement has given many law-abiding citizens a reason to do more training.

We offer the basic and enhanced class to combine the two classes into one fun class that is one in one day for a cheaper price than both classes separate.

Hopefully, this has helped to explain the difference in basic and enhanced concealed carry. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here – Contact us.

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If you are renewing this is a great way to get better and kill two birds with one stone. You can do the enhanced instead of renewal training and upgrade and renew at once.

Need To Renew A License? Watch this video

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