Hi, this is Logan Lee, director of training for 141 Shooting Range, I wanted to write this to make sure everyone knew the importance of training, and not just getting a concealed carry permit(check this video for a license). It is important to understand that a firearm is just a tool, and the operator is the actual weapon. A simple pistol is going to be much more effective in the hands of a marine, than some untrained civilian, so, what’s the difference? Training and practice.

If you want to be effective with your handgun(check how to pick the right handgun), whether you are using it for concealed carry, home defense, or competition shooting, you need to practice, especially for defensive shooting.

Why Is Handgun Training Essential For Concealed Carry?

When you are carrying a concealed weapon, there are several factors that may affect how effective you are in defending yourself with it. You need to be able to draw your weapons quickly, and reliably from different positions, shoot accurately, identify your targets, perform high-speed reloads as well, and consider a wide range of other factors

So, no matter how accurate, or reliable your pistol is, and how concealable and good your holster(check how to pick a good holster) is, as long as you haven’t trained your mind and body for a defensive situation, you won’t be effective with your firearm. In a life-or-death situation, every second is valuable, and drawing and aiming your weapon should be a part of your instinct, and that can only be achieved through situational training,

What To Train For Concealed Carry?

Using a concealed weapon for self-defense involves a lot of different skills and techniques that need to be trained, however, here are some of the main places where you need to focus.

Situational Awareness:

Concealment is a very important factor, therefore, it is essential that you are able to judge a situation and make the decision to draw your pistol at the right time. Situational awareness also means that you should be able to identify the threat as quickly as possible and have all of your defensive strategies mapped out.

It is a way of training your mind, which is equally important as training your body and how to use your firearm for self-defense. Situation awareness is essential because it can save your life even if you aren’t armed.

How To Draw And Present Your Firearm:

This is one of the most important aspects of concealed carry. You should practice drawing your pistol from different positions. For instance, many people practice drawing while standing, but when they are sitting in a car, it can be difficult for them to effectively draw their firearm.

You can train how to draw your firearm at home as well, and significantly improve your speed and effectiveness.

How To Identify Targets:

In many self-defense situations, you may be in a situation where there are a lot of people around you, whether they may be your family and friends or innocent bystanders. In such a situation, it is very important that you know how to identify the threat and respond accordingly, without putting any innocent bystander at risk.

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Hand Gun Training Near Me: How Important Is This For Concealed Carry?
Accuracy And Shooting Speeds:

Of course, training to improve your shooting skills is very important. However, for concealed carry, make sure to practice shooting from different positions and in different scenarios. You should be able to shoot single-handed, with both hands, and land quick and accurate shots.


In most self-defense scenarios, you might not have to reload, especially if you are carrying a pistol like the Sig P365, Glock 43, Smith & Wesson M&P shield, or Springfield hellcat, which have a decent capacity. Still, it is very important that you know how to reload quickly and reliably in stressful situations.

How To Train With A Handgun For Concealed Carry:

Hand Gun Training Near Me: How Important Is This For Concealed Carry?
Concealed Carry Classes Arkansas – How To Pick The Right Weapon?
There are many ways in which you can improve your shooting, and concealed carry skills. You can practice dry fire actions at home, and do some shooting exercises at the range, however, the best way to train your handgun shooting and handling skills for concealed carry is to take a shooting course that focuses on concealed carry. You can check our Concealed Carry Courses here.

These courses allow you to train in a variety of self-defense scenarios and teach you a lot of important techniques, moreover, you can take part in various shooting drills that are specifically designed to simulate real-life self-defense situations.

Final Thoughts:
So, to sum it all up, a handgun is just a tool, your shooting and defensive skills are the thing that will save your life in a defensive situation. Therefore, if you carry a concealed handgun, make sure to train and get proficient with it. To train concealed carry with a handgun, you will need a handgun. Check out how to pick the right weapon for concealed carry.

We have trainings for shooting around barricades, drawing and moving, movement with a defensive handgun, marksmanship, and learn how to shoot better than your friends are a few of our trainings.

If you are in the local area in Arkansas of the following cities: Jonesboro, Paragould, Searcy, Trumann, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, Blytheville or anywhere close contact us to see when a class is being held. If you do not live close we travel to train groups and businesses in: Little Rock, Arkansas Memphis, Tennessee Poplar Bluff, Missouri And everywhere in-between.