How To Pick The Right AR-15 For You

How To Pick The Right AR-15 For You

For a variety of reasons, the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles. Although many of you are already familiar with the AR-15, many new firearm enthusiasts are entering the market daily.


Because of AR’s popularity, practically everyone wants to own one. There are some important factors to consider before purchasing your first AR-15.


Want to get the best AR-15 for the money but don’t know where to begin? I’ve put up a simple buyer’s guide to help educate you on the fundamentals of acquiring your first black gun.

Why Is The AR-15 So Popular?

  1. Shootability

When chambered in its native 5.56x45mm round, the AR-15 has extremely little recoil. When compared to other popular rifles such as the AK-47, it is also quite ergonomic.


  1. Used By The United States Military

In comparison to the automatic/select fire capabilities of some military models, the civilian AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle.


That implies a single trigger pull equals a single SHOT! instead of a fully automatic where a single trigger strike results in a continuous stream of SHOTS until you let go.


Admit it! Holding the symbol of America’s Might has a certain awesome factor to it.


  1. Modular Design

The AR-15 is made up primarily of two major pieces, the lower receiver and the upper receiver, which can be swapped out in seconds.


By simply swapping out the “upper” and mating it with the “lower,” the AR-15 can be transformed from a long-range precision rifle to a close-quarters combat (CQB) carbine.


The bottom houses the trigger mechanism, and the upper can be swapped out for a variety of calibers, ranging from .22 LR to .300 BLK and even .50 Beowulf.


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Guidelines For Purchasing Your First AR-15

For your first AR, I recommend purchasing a high-quality rifle from a recognized dealer. This results in a more reliable firearm, especially if you have no prior experience assembling an AR-15.


  1. Function

First, because AR is one of the most adaptable rifles in history, these guns are available in a variety of designs to cater to a wide range of users. Choose a gun that meets your requirements. If you’re looking for a hunting rifle, there are various calibers designed expressly for that market. Heavy-barreled weapons with 20-inch barrels are plentiful for target shooters. Are you a very good all-around sporter? Looking for something more compact? AR-15 can suit the bill.


  1. Barrel Size and Type

It’s hardly rocket science; the longer the barrel of a firearm, the more likely a cartridge will have a complete propellant burn and impart maximum velocity to the projectile. In short, longer barrels yield greater performance. As a result, bridging the gap with a 16-to-18-inch barrel is somewhat of a sweet spot for 5.56, with the 20s providing a nice length for those looking for a target rifle.


For the rifle, barrel profile is likewise debatable, with lighter “pencil” barrels offering acceptable practical accuracy while keeping the gun light, and heavier profile barrels better suited for operations at a distance.


  1. Lower And Upper Construction

Given that the AR-15 was developed by a gunmaker that was a part of the aerospace business, it should come as no surprise that the upper and lower receivers of the rifle were built of aluminum, which manufacturers normally label as “aircraft grade.”


  1. Triggers

Unless you buy a high-end AR, most commercial firearms on the market today come with a “standard” or “mil-spec” trigger that breaks in the 5.5 to the 8.5-pound range. These triggers are frequently rated as “strong” with a fair amount of creep by seasoned users. They are, however, a suitable starting point for ARs, which is probably why gunmakers include them in their entry-level offerings.


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The AR-15 is a terrific rifle, and I’m delighted you’re thinking about getting one. Do your research, buy quality, and you’ll have a fantastic time with your new gun.