Nobody likes conflict, but knowing how to resolve one is a crucial life skill for everybody.


Guns carried by bad guys in public endanger public safety, and permissive concealed carry rules increase the likelihood of violent encounters between good guys with guns and bad guys with guns.


Carrying concealed, loaded firearms in public areas can swiftly escalate routine confrontations into lethal altercations, resulting in catastrophic, lasting damage to innocent lives.


Historically, practically every state forbade or severely restricted the carrying of hidden, loaded guns in public. These were among the first firearms laws enacted in the United States. Some states began to grant law enforcement discretion to issue permits (often referred to as “CCW” or carrying concealed weapon permits) to people who passed a background check, received firearm training, and/or demonstrated a specific need to carry concealed, loaded guns in public in the late twentieth century. However, at the request of the gun lobby, many states have significantly relaxed the qualifications for these permits in recent years.


Whether you carry a pistol or another type of self-defense weapon, the purpose of self-defense is to live and flee without being injured by deterring or preventing hostile conduct. It is not to win a battle or to injure someone else. The best defense, in reality, is to avoid harmful people and locations in the first place.


Anyone possessing a handgun permit must always attempt to avoid disagreements and take the necessary procedures to resolve any disputes that arise without resorting to violence.


  • Stay cool when conversing with the other person to avoid a confrontation.


  • If the situation becomes out of control, get out as soon as possible.


  • If you are unable to avoid a conflict, employ a conflict management strategy.


141ShootingRange provides conflict management training sessions to help you become a pro at handling conflicts by mastering the skills of verbal and nonverbal de-escalation.


You address any disagreement before it escalates with our conflict management program. You may be skilled at physical defense, but the truth is that it is safer to avoid physical conflict. We can teach you how to de-escalate disputes verbally and nonverbally.  We use Vistelar’s conflict management systems of non-escalation techniques and de-escalation techniques.  Vistelar’s program is highly rated on the DOJs (Department of Justice) approve vendor list.  The techniques we teach are taught to military, law enforcement, correctional officers, and medical personnel all around the world!


Our conflict management training at 141 Shooting Range is meant to keep you safe. Our Conflict Management curriculum approaches all areas of conflict and human emotion with professionalism. We employ Vistelar conflict management training tactics, with a focus on verbal and nonverbal non-escalation and de-escalation approaches unique to the Vistelar system.


In just four hours of training, we can help your business achieve a lot in terms of conflict management.


Our Conflict management lectures include skills for:


  • Crisis intervention, de-escalation, and non-escalation


  • Personal safety, Escapes and escorts, and bystander mobilization are all possible. shooter in progress


  • Workplace violence and the safety of lone workers


  • Physical options, defensive techniques, and the use and control of weapons


Our Conflict Management program at 141 Shooting Range assists men and women in the Jonesboro, Paragould, and Walnut Ridge areas in de-escalating any risky scenario and remaining prepared for anything life throws at them. Get Started Today.


If you are in the local area in Arkansas of the following cities:  Jonesboro, Paragould, Searcy, Trumann, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, Blytheville or anywhere close contact us to see when a class is being held.


If you you do not live close we travel to train groups and businesses in:


Little Rock, Arkansas

Memphis, Tennessee

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And everywhere in-between.