Jonesboro and Paragould now offer Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit training as well as Basic Concealed Carry training. Isn’t this fantastic news?


An enhanced permit endorsement can be issued by a Certified Enhanced Permit Instructor to an existing permit holder or a first-time application for an AR concealed permit. This is the course that 141 Shooting Range offers.


At 141 Shooting Range, I am regularly asked to explain the differences between the Basic Concealed Carry Renewal and the Enhanced Upgrade Class, so I decided to write this piece to help explain. I’d like to go over your license renewal options here at 141 Shooting Range. We have several alternatives. You’ve finished your Basic Renewal Class.


What is the difference between the Arkansas Basic and Enhanced concealed carry licenses? Arkansas passed an enhanced endorsement option a few years ago as part of a push to authorize concealed carry on state university campuses. It’s the same as having a regular driver’s license with a CDL endorsement. Because of the additional training, the endorsement provides you with more options and, in the case of a concealed carry license, allows you to carry in most places where a normal concealed carry class cannot. I’m frequently asked what the distinction is or whether the extra endorsement is justified. Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide which option to choose.


This one-hour session discusses changes in the legislation during the last five years. We also fulfill the basic live-fire criteria for your certificate of training in order to renew your license. If you just need to get it done, this is a wonderful alternative. However, we recommend the Enhanced Upgrade. This will serve as your Renewal Training.


If you’re renewing, this is an excellent way to improve while simultaneously killing two birds with one stone. You can upgrade and renew at the same time by taking the Enhanced Training instead of the Renewal Training.


So, if you want to do this, simply sign up for Enhanced Training on our website. You do not need to sign up for the renewal. Just let us know that you’re also here for the Renewal Training when you arrive for the Enhanced. We’ll handle it. The Enhanced Training is necessary for a number of reasons.


If you shoot someone, one of the first inquiries in court will be, “Which training have you had?” The vast majority of people who read this blog have no documented experience of firearm training. You may have only done one class; 97% of all civilians who take a concealed carry class will only take one handgun class as a civilian; consequently, if this is all you intend to do, we strongly recommend that you do the Enhanced Training.


To begin with, there are no additional fees from the state. The state fees are the same whether you do the renewal or advanced training here. As a result, there is no pricing issue. The second thing to make is that you simply need to stay a bit longer to finish the Enhanced training. Most people don’t have an after-action strategy; we do!


We teach you the fundamentals of basic handgun movement, including how to move, draw, and confront them vocally and nonverbally as you draw and engage that individual. We will show you how to scan. We also teach you a range of other techniques that will help you win the battle. Because shooting at a target while standing still does not prepare you for a dynamic self-defense pistol situation. That’s yet another explanation.


And, as previously stated, if you shoot someone and they ask you what training you’ve taken, and you say “Basic Conceal Carry,” what level is basic? They’ll present it as basic training. And when you go before a jury, half of them will be anti-gun.


The other half may not have received any training at all. Your words will paint a picture of your ability. So, when you say I did the fundamentals of concealed carry, what level do you consider fundamental? You don’t have to be a lawyer to recognize that saying, “I did the basic concealed carry and went above and beyond as a responsible gun owner and took the Enhanced Training a year ago” will sound a lot better in court than saying, “I did the basic concealed carry.”


There are various other reasons why we discuss and prefer Enhanced Training versus Basic Renewal. But, whatever course you choose, I will unquestionably support you and give you my best in that training. Consider Enhanced Carry and Basic Renewal Training when weighing your options and deciding what is best for you and your family. Please contact us at the range if you have any questions.


This isn’t like buying milk or bread at the grocery store. It may appear that choosing the class is complicated, but there is nothing complicated about wanting to protect yourself and your family, and there is nothing complicated about choosing 141 Shooting Range to do your training.


We offer the Basic and Enhanced classes to combine the two classes into one engaging one-day class at a lesser price than either class alone.


Hopefully, this has helped to clarify the difference between basic and advanced concealed carry. If you have any questions, please contact us.


If you live in Jonesboro, Paragould, Searcy, Trumann, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, or Blytheville, Arkansas, please contact us to find out when a session is being held. If you do not reside locally, we travel to train groups and businesses in Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and everywhere in between.


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