Preparing For an Active Shooter

Preparing For an Active Shooter

An active shooter is a person who actively engages in shooting or attempting to kill people in a confined or populated location. In most situations, active shooters make use of firearms, and there is no discernible pattern or procedure by which they select their victims. Active shooter scenarios change quickly, and there is no way to predict their outcome.


In certain circumstances, active shooters make use of additional weapons and/or improvised explosive devices to inflict extra victims and impede law enforcement and emergency service responders. These explosive devices may detonate instantly or detonate on contact.


Typically, police must be deployed immediately to stop the shooting and minimize casualties. Active shooter scenarios can be resolved in 10 to 15 minutes. As a result, it is important that you are prepared to take the required precautions to protect yourself.


Active shooter situations are frequently unpredictable and evolve quickly. In the middle of the pandemonium, anyone may help mitigate the effects of an active shooter scenario.


By providing techniques and resources to help you prepare for and respond to an active shooter scenario, 141ShootingRange helps to improve preparedness through a “whole community” approach.


We address the seven-time clocks of an active shooter event.  Each timeclock has a different response strategy to improve your chances of survivability.  Run, Fight, and Hide are not good options as when it was developed it was the only training available, we now know that Running doesn’t tell you where to run and what to do when you get there.  Fighting someone with a gun with no training is not a recipe for success.  Hiding from a hunter doesn’t discourage the hunt, it entices the hunt.  Contact us to see what the difference in our training is all about.

What To Do in The Event of An Active Shooter

1. Escape

If you believe you can safely escape, getting out is by far the greatest option. This is why it is a good idea to keep mental notes of possible escape routes wherever you are. If you hear what sounds like gunshots, get out immediately.

2. Barricade

If possible, hide behind a lockable door. Barricade the entrance. Make do with whatever you have on hand to keep the attacker out. Once you’ve hidden, switch off your phone, turn off the lights, and remain silent. You must begin to escape or get ready to defend yourself!

3. Defend

Defending yourself means taking a proactive approach to saving your life, we teach you how to disarm the gunman using a disarm team, distraction team, improvised weapons, and a lot more.


Active shooter training is intended to assist individuals in protecting themselves and those around them in the event of an active shooter situation. Depending on the situation, the training may involve measures such as escaping, barricading and defending.


Active shooter training is not just for people who work in high-risk occupations like law enforcement or security. Everyone should be aware of the warning signals of an active shooter situation and know what to do if they find themselves in one.  Our training works in schools, daycares, factories, medical offices, and anywhere else!


141 Shooting Range is the place to go for certified active shooter training in Jonesboro or Paragould, Arkansas. Our instructors are among the best in the field, with years of expertise. Furthermore, our training is court defensible, field-proven, and looks good on camera, so you can be confident that you are receiving the greatest training possible.


If you are in the local area in Arkansas of the following cities:  Jonesboro, Paragould, Searcy, Trumann, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, Blytheville or anywhere close contact us to see when a class is being held.


If you do not live close we travel to train groups and businesses in:


Little Rock, Arkansas

Memphis, Tennessee

Poplar Bluff, Missouri

And everywhere in-between.