If you’ve recently relocated to Arkansas or have been living there for a while but have recently developed an interest in guns, enrolling in a gun class is the ideal option for you.


Firearms training can be advantageous whether you are a novice gun owner or an experienced shooter. During a training session, you will learn vital techniques that will help you improve your marksmanship and weapon handling.


Because of the recent surge in gun purchases, millions of new gun owners have emerged. These new gun owners’ experiences can differ greatly. Some have been shooting for years and are familiar with gun range etiquette and how to bring a gun to the range. Others are total newbies. Even simple activities like putting bullets into a gun might be perplexing and challenging for them. This is why you should enroll in a gun training class.

The Advantages of Gun Training

  1. Safety

Training with weapons can benefit everyone. Knowing gun safety guidelines and correct handling minimizes the likelihood of a negligent discharge or improper gun handling. Even if you don’t intend to use your handgun regularly, training is unquestionably important.


  1. Accuracy

Regular and consistent handgun training will improve your accuracy significantly. Learning proper grip, stance, and trigger pull will help you make significant development in your skill level (there are four more we teach). Accuracy aids in the prevention of miscalculated shootings, which aids in the prevention of mishaps.


  1. Self-Confidence

Knowing more about weapons and how to use them effectively will help you become a more confident and responsible gun owner. The more training you receive, the more confident you will be in your abilities to protect yourself and your family in an event of a critical crisis.


  1. Tactical Thinking

The abilities required for efficient handgun use extend far beyond target shooting. They include critical thinking, being calm under pressure, and knowing when to shoot and when to hold back. You are more likely to make a bad decision if you do not completely comprehend the complexities of the scenarios you may find yourself in, and reality-based training will keep you from resorting to an unexpected response.


While you can practice pistol shooting techniques at home with YouTube as a guide, enrolling in a handgun training class provides a solid foundation on which to build useful abilities. Qualified instructors will teach you all you need to know to use a firearm safely and successfully. The instructor will also teach you about the legal requirements for concealed carry and when you have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself, your family, or your property from criminal violence.


You’re stuck right now! How can I find a verified gun training class in Jonesboro and Paragould?


Well, I’ve got a solution for you.


141Shooting Range is the best I can recommend.


141 Shooting Range is Jonesboro, Arkansas’s premier concealed carry and safety training facility. We have all of the necessary credentials to distinguish ourselves as competent concealed-carry educators.


We offer high-quality concealed carry classes, firearms, CPR, and first aid at 141 Shooting Range in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and we can also travel to your location in any city to offer our unique training services. Training with us ensures that you have access to the same material that is taught to police, military, and correctional officers all over the world.


We offer courses that provide court-defensible training, are field-proven, and deal with immediate first aid skills so that you can protect yourself physically in a confrontation and the potential legal aftermath.


Make 141 Shooting Range your go-to service provider in Jonesboro, Arkansas for firearm and concealed carry training. We provide exceptional services that give you an immediate advantage when dealing with real-world emergencies.

Training Programs At 141Shooting Range, Arkansas

  1. Concealed Carry Training

We offer concealed carry classes in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In addition, we provide field-proven concealed carry training and certifications in the Jonesboro, Walnut Ridge, and Paragould, Arkansas areas. And if you need us to come down to your site, we can do that as well.


We also provide CPR, BLS, Active Shooter, Conflict Management, Self-Defense, Stop The Bleed, Church Security, and a variety of other training options.


Living In a world full of unpredictability, it is critical to master specific abilities to assist you to defend and protect yourself, your family, and your business when necessary. We provide one-of-a-kind concealed carry training to both individuals and groups. Basic Concealed Carry, Enhanced Concealed Carry, Renewals, and our most popular Basic and Enhanced Combination classes are all available through us.


  1. Gun Shooting Training

Learn to shoot smoothly and effectively when you enroll at Jonesboro, Arkansas’s top firearm and concealed carry training. Owning a firearm is one thing; learning how to use it to defend yourself is quite another. However, being able to handle a gun entails more than just learning how to squeeze the trigger. What is your goal? NRA Range Safety Officer, learn improved tactics with our 10X gunfighting training curriculum. Shooting around barricades, marksmanship, movement with a defensive handgun and a variety of other skills are covered.


  1. Corporate Training Programs

Get your team trained right away to handle future emergencies. This training will increase their morale and self-confidence while also teaching them what to do and how to react in the situation of emergency or danger. We provide training for the following:


Pre-planned practiced responses in Medical Emergencies, Active Shooter Response, De-escalation, Non-escalation Conflict Management, and any other form of self-defense training you require.


You can enroll for an amazing conceal carry and life-saving skills experience whether you live in Jonesboro, Little Rock, Searcy, Poplar Bluff, Kennett, Memphis, Blytheville, or the surrounding areas.

The Advantages Of Enrolling At 141ShootingRange

  • You train under the supervision of an expert instructor.
  • Learn what you need to know to protect yourself and your family.
  • Learn the fundamental marksmanship methods that every shooter must know.
  • Train from the comfort of your own home to save time and money. We can also come to your site and train you (only in Arkansas)
  • Results are guaranteed! Improve your shooting abilities.


The world’s greatest competitive shooters are standing by to assist you as you begin your trip. Our competitive shooting school provides you with the information, skills, and advice you need to get started. Join us right now.


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