Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit and Basic Concealed Carry Training are now available in Jonesboro and Paragould. Isn’t that good news?


An existing permit holder or first-time applicant of the AR concealed permit can get the enhanced permit endorsement from a Certified Enhanced Permit Instructor. This is the course we offer at 141 Shooting Range.


The notion that people are ultimately responsible for their safety is regaining traction in this society. Americans are privileged to be protected by some of the best-trained law enforcement professionals in the world. The difficulty is that none of us have one of those cops assigned to us around the clock. As a result of this fact, concealed carry is becoming more common. More states are passing rules to enable it, and some, known as Constitutional Carry, even allow it without permission.


All of this is a positive step forward. However, simply owning a firearm is insufficient. It may make you feel better and more comfortable, but if you have to use that gun, feeling better and more secure will not get you through a potentially dangerous circumstance. You’ll need a holster to carry it, certain skills, techniques, dependable ammo, and, most importantly, the appropriate mindset.

The Concealed Carry Mindset

The fundamental test of successfully carrying a handgun for self-defense is not the sort of weapon you have or how you carry it. It isn’t even found in how proficient you are with that firearm. Your mindset is the cornerstone for properly arming yourself for personal defense. Weapons will not help you unless you have the appropriate mindset.


Yes, you must be willing to use lethal force to protect yourself and the innocent, but you must also use great judgment and awareness.


Personal defense concepts include awareness, decisiveness, aggression, speed, coolness, ruthlessness, and surprise.


When you enroll in one of our Concealed Carry Training classes, we help you develop the proper mindset.


More than just marksmanship will be required to survive a fatal confrontation. You’ll need the correct frame of mind. There are plenty of gravestones above those who could shoot but couldn’t or didn’t act.


Every journey begins with a single step, and the 141ShootingRange concealed carry training guideline is an excellent place to begin for anybody interested in becoming a better protector. You can rely on 141ShootingRange to keep you educated and safe, with everything from basic guns and concealed carry training to safety checklists and in-depth advice for gun owners.


It is important to note that Concealed Carry Training Classes are NOT “firearms training.” This is a session designed to help you better understand your state’s concealed carry firearm rules so that you can obtain a permit.


Do your research before enrolling in a class, and look for a reputed one that is more concerned with good training than with getting you out of the course as soon as possible. The course that is most concerned with money will often go over some of the fundamentals, have you shoot a few rounds, and then send you on your way. You want a course with instructors who will assist you in any way they can to ensure that you leave their class prepared.


That is why you should rely on 141ShootingRange for your training lectures.


Finally, don’t believe that just because you passed the basic requirements for a license means you’re suddenly prepared to handle any circumstance that comes your way. A responsible concealed carrier is constantly learning, both mentally and physically.


Make an effort to keep your gun on you at all times. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a position where you’ll need it, whether you’re gone all day or just going to the gas station. Incidents happen when you least expect them; it pays to be prepared at all times.

Choosing The Best Gun

In reality, the handgun you select for personal defense is one of the most crucial components of the deal. Yes, it must function flawlessly every time. It must fit your hand in order for you to efficiently control it. It must also fit your lifestyle. Aside from that, little else matters. There is a reason why there are so many firearms to pick from; it is primarily a matter of personal preference.


Call Logan Lee before going to any gun store, both offline and online. He’s a firearms instructor with more than 15 years of expertise teaching people about firearms and how to use them. In addition, he founded 141ShootingRange and Ammo And Gun Accessories. He will always be willing to assist you in selecting the ideal pistol for your intended use.

Concealed Carry Trainings We Offer At 141ShootingRange

1. Basic Concealed Carry Permit Class

Do you need a Basic Concealed Weapons Permit? This is the class for you. We will assist you with meeting the criteria for your Arkansas Carry License, and you will receive our special sauce on training! Our basic concealed carry permit program will teach you the following;


  • How to create a personal and home security strategy.
  • Fundamentals of self-defense firearms
  • Using Force
  • Managing the actual encounter
  • Marksmanship vs. defensive shooting
  • Interacting with cops, among other things.
  • We will also provide you with additional information to help you enhance your safety and obtain your permit.


2. Basic Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

We offer all of the alternatives available to you, whether you need only the basics or an advanced concealed carry permit program. This class will not only train you, but it will also fulfill the class need for your CCW permit. Our comprehensive package is intended to save you money as well as time. You will also get access to our online class, Learn the Secrets of Concealed Carry, a $197 value, totally for free as part of the package.


The class is intended to help you become a better version of yourself in the act of self-defense and to lay the groundwork for your lesson here at the range. Logan Lee, an Arkansas State Police teacher, is in charge of the class. You will study everything from the Basic class and more, as well as complete the enhanced qualification to obtain the enhanced endorsement.


3. Renew Your Concealed Weapons Permit

Is it time to renew your carry permit? That, however, can be obtained with much more added value. Are you aware of Arkansas’s improved concealed carry law? When you take the expanded class, you will learn everything there is to know about it. Our renewal class goes into greater depth than many others in the same field.


4. Upgrade To The Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

Do you need an upgrade? We are here to help you get your Arkansas enhanced carry permit. A basic concealed carry permit has limitations, as you will not be permitted to carry in certain locations. With the upgrading of your permit, you will be able to carry in more places such as State buildings, schools, universities, churches, and many more, and you will also have access to additional documentable training to assist you with any legal action that may occur after you defend yourself. This course can also be used to renew your license, and it is only required once. Your improvement will last as long as you have a license!


If you’re just getting started, I recommend taking the Basic And Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Class. What am I getting at?


The basic class only covers a small portion of what you’ll learn in the enhanced class. It discusses government gun rules, where to go, and basic shooting techniques. The improved class on the other side demonstrates you have more documentable training.


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