Concealed Carry Training, CPR, And Active Shooter


When are you open?2022-07-25T10:00:46+00:00

Classes can be booked online 24/7, and the shooting range is open during scheduled classes only. Walk-ins are not allowed (No recreational shooting allowed)

Do I have to be a member and how much does it cost to come out and just shoot?2022-07-25T10:01:14+00:00

We only schedule training classes here and we do not allow people to come out and shoot recreationally.

What’s the best way to reach you with questions?2022-07-25T10:03:22+00:00

I often travel, talk on the phone, or teach a class. I may not always be able to answer the phone but will return calls when time allows. Most questions can be answered by going through the Buy Ticket button on the website and following the registration steps (you will not pay until the very last step). There is also a chatbot on the lower right of this screen that is designed to help give you the answers you need 24/7. If all else fails, text me at (870) 230-0517 or email [email protected].

How much are your classes and when are they?2022-07-25T10:04:08+00:00

We offer various classes, and their prices are based on the type you are going for. In addition, there are buy me buttons located on the different courses on the website; by clicking on the button, you will get all the information you need about the class.

For a complete list of all our open enrollment classes, you can sign up by going to If you need training for your business, please email us at [email protected].

How do I get to 141 Shooting Range?2022-07-25T10:04:35+00:00

The best way is to use your phone’s GPS and just type in 141 Shooting Range. We are located between Jonesboro and Paragould on Highway 141. Step-by-step directions will also be emailed to you in your confirmation ticket! I recommend going off the directions we send you in conjunction with the GPS directions.

Can I get a refund or reschedule a class?2022-07-25T10:13:21+00:00

There is a no refund or rescheduling policy. The only grounds for missing a class is when it was canceled by us due to unforeseen circumstances like inclement weather as slippery conditions and firearms don’t mix well. The best way to go about avoiding complications when you sign up for any of our courses is to be sure about the time and date you pick. Once you sign up for a seat, that seat is held for you. The only way we can know that a class is full is when the specified number of students have registered and paid their tuition fees. Once a class is full, we have to turn away others who would like to attend. If you cancel too close to class or fail to show up for class, you keep someone else from attending, and we could lose a student. Please be sure you can attend a class before signing up for it. We believe this policy is fair to you, to other students, and us. To minimize this, we have strict policies on pre-payment and cancellation.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

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