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Online Concealed Carry Training

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Receive A Concealed Carry Permit On Your Schedule With Online Classes

Getting your concealed carry permit doesn't have to be a hassle. Our team at 141 Shooting Range understands that sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do -- busy schedules, responsibilities, and conflicting timelines. That's why we offer online courses that will allow you to secure your concealed carry license whether or not you're here in the Jonesboro area -- the training can be completed partially or entirely online.

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What Makes Our Online Classes Different?

Completing your concealed carry coursework online allows you to take control of your family's safety in a way that's convenient, simple, and effective. You can invest as much (or as little) time as needed to master each topic, and upon signing up you'll get instant access to 141 Shooting Range's suite of online resources: training videos, presentations, diagrams, and more. It's the cheapest, simplest way to get your concealed carry certification.

Upon completing the course, all you need to do is mail your certification to the address provided to you at the end of the course. No hassle, no nonsense -- just a quick and easy concealed carry certification that will give empower you to protect yourself and your family.

Our online courses are great if you:
  • Struggle to find time to make it out to our Jonesboro location
  • Are looking to complete a certification remotely
  • Have a scheduling conflict with our on-site classes
  • If you simply want some additional firearms training

The concealed carry permit you'll receive through our online classes is valid in over half of the United States, regardless of where you live. 141 Shooting Range is committed to providing quality training, easy-to-use resources, and safeguarding our community by making firearms training and concealed carry certifications simple and accessible. Get yours here in Jonesboro, or entirely online, today!

Start Your Concealed Carry Certification With 141 Shooting Range Now!

Our team of experts is happy to assist you with anything you need, from beginning your online courses to answering questions about firearms. And if you aren't totally satisfied with our online training experience, we're happy to offer you a complimentary class on-site at our location just north of Jonesboro. Don't wait to get your concealed carry certification... start protecting your loved ones today.

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