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Church Security Classes

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Learn the 4 Church Hacks Of Church Security

Learn the 4 proven areas needed to be truly physically safe.

It is a free 2-hour class discussing church security hosted at the church's site. This free seminar is provided all over Arkansas, Southern Missouri, and Western Tennessee.

Make Your Place of Worship Safer Today!

We live in scary times. If you're the leader of a church or religious organization, I'm happy to help you prepare yourself for the possibility of violence at your place of worship. Keep your congregation safe, understand how to react in the event of an emergency, and never be caught unprepared... check out our church security consulting and training at 141 Shooting Range today.

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Why Receive Church Security Training?

There are incidents of mass shootings and targeted violence every month, all across America. Preparing yourself can mean the difference between life and death. At 141 Shooting Range, we focus on practical strategies for self-defense in dangerous situations – there's no complex maneuvering or extreme athleticism. It's all about knowledge, awareness, and preparation.

Our training provides:
  • Training for every church security scenario
  • Consulting individualized for your location and needs
  • The confidence and peace of mind that comes with being prepared

There's no need to worry about whether you and your congregation will be safe. Our church security training and consulting at 141 Shooting Range will make sure that you have a plan for anything.

Get Started at 141 Shooting Range Today!

Reach out to our team and banish the anxiety of "What if?" from your mind. With our expert church security training, you'll never have to worry about what tomorrow will bring. 141 Shooting Range will help you be prepared, no matter what happens.

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