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  • Sight Alignment training in Jonesboro Arkansas

    When it comes to shooting its fundamentally easy, keep proper sight alignment throughout the whole trigger pull. However many people haven't had training in this fundamental of marksmanship. Come take our Intro to basic pistol class to learn about how to make proper Sight alignment. Concealed carry doesn't make you safe, training, knowledge, and skills do. Come learn sight alignment and the 6 other fundamentals here at 141 Shooting Range. ....

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  • Trigger Control with your handgun

    Trigger control is a fundamental of marksmanship we discuss in our training. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to get more or better yet come out to our shooting range in Jonesboro Arkansas and learn all 7 fundamentals of marksmanship, firearms training, concealed carry, and a lot more! ....

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  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVTprK2mPqRrfS5dA3kkNQ Click to subscribe to our youtube channel to get valuable free videos dealing with concealed carry, self-defense, conflict management, cpr, active shooter, and much much more. Located in and around Jonesboro Arkansas we travel across the country teaching students how to be safe with their words if they can physically if they must. Please subscribe and like each video! Help expand your training by engaging in our videos designed to help keep you and your family safe! Thank you for your support. ....

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  • September Class Schedule, Private lessons also available.

    Monday Concealed Carry classes for Basic, Enhanced, Basic with enhanced endorsement combination class, and renewals Sept. Monday 21st. Saturday Concealed Carry classes for Basic, Enhanced, Basic with enhanced endorsement combination class, and renewals Saturday, Aug 29, Sept 12th, Sept 19, Sept 26th and Oct 3rd I added a new workshop called movement with a defensive handgun Sept 29th, 6 pm-7:30 pm Using Cover and shooting around Barricades Sept 24th, 6 pm-7:30 pm How to hit the target, Marksmanship Sept 28th, 6:00 pm -7:30 pm Advanced Bleeding Control (learn the skills to stop bleeding and ensure your survival), Sept 22nd, 6 pm-8 pm (certification) Cpr Classes for the ....

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  • Dave Young - Pandemic and COVID-19.

    Below is a blog my mentor Dave Young wrote about the Pandemic we are in. Dave is a cofounder of Vistelar and Founder of ARMA training. I am blessed to be affiliated with him and teach his teachings to our students! By Dave Young The world we live in has abruptly changed. Our casual routines were wake up, pray, stretch, shower, and then leave home to take on the day. Grabbing coffee at the coffee shop, going to the gym, and heading off to work or school were things we took for granted. Suddenly, it’s all been disrupted. Now we are dealing with mandatory school closings for the rest of the school year. Hundreds of thousands of people have been unemployed overnight. Public venues we ....

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  • Getting Ready for a Bad Day

    Logan Lee and 141 Shooting Range offers an Active Shooter certification program, by adding certified individuals to your organization you will help you staff save life's in the event of an active shooter incident. It is important to note that this training goes beyond what we call “Fire Talks” meaning lecture to “Fire Drill” meaning realize practice in performing the skills needed to survive an active shooter event. We like to say that “You can ONLY learn how to swim by getting in the water!" Active Shooter Attacks are often preplanned, and practiced and takes the same if not more planning and practice for you to survive them. You must be emotionally, ....

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  • Cpr and First Aid using Vistelar Principals for Proxemics

    Cpr and First Aid using Vistelar Principals for Proxemics

    Scene Safety for CPR and First Aid responders using Vistelar Principles
    One of the first things people are taught in CPR and first aid classes is to assess the scene for safety and to size up the scene. I feel like this is done in a very almost haphazard way for medical practitioners and laypeople because instructors just talk about look and make sure it’s safe, they don’t explain or have a template on what to look for. Now if you are a first responder, firefighter, law enforcement, or security where you were entering an unsafe environment all the time you probably have a better grasp on this but for the layperson, I found that most people who are not like-minded ....

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  • Basic vs Enhanced Concealed Carry License?

    So, what’s the difference in Basic and Enhanced concealed carry license option in Arkansas? A couple of years ago the State of Arkansas passed an enhanced endorsement option as part of a movement to allow concealed carry on state campuses. I compare it to having a regular driver’s license with a CDL endorsement. The endorsement allows you more options (dues to having more training) and in the case of a concealed carry license allows you to carry into the majority of the places you cannot carry with a regular concealed carry class. Often, I am asked what’s the difference or if the enhanced endorsement is worth it. Here is a quick breakdown to help you figure out what ....

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